At-a-Glance: Hilco Performance Solutions Financial Intelligence Consulting Services

Empowering and Supporting Strong Finance and Treasury Teams

Today’s business leaders face an unusually complex mix of challenges including unprecedented inflation, congested supply chains, labor shortages and intensifying competition. Inefficiencies across legacy IT systems and an inability to glean and leverage actionable insights from their own captured data is dramatically hindering many from being able to move their businesses forward under these conditions.

At Hilco Performance Solutions (HPS), our experienced professionals work to empower and support strong Finance and Treasury teams. By leading the transformation of our clients’ people, processes, and tools in this critical area of the organization, we enable them to more proactively seize opportunity, address current market challenges, control costs and manage risk.

Our senior team members possess, on average, more than 20 years of proven experience in Finance and Treasury across the automotive, energy, pulp & paper, and financial services industries. Through this extensive body of work, we have learned that driving change in these areas can be a truly difficult yet highly lucrative undertaking for a business. The Hilco Performance Solutions team is committed to carrying much of this burden for our clients and our senior team members take a true hands-on role in each and every client engagement.

Due diligence

Finance & Analytics Consulting Services

These services are designed to provide CFOs, Controllers, and Business Leaders with the knowledge and foresight to confidently plan for the future, control costs, reduce risk & uncertainty, and maximize time spent on the opportunities that matter most. An integral part of our service offering is working with clients to identify and implement the right process automation and data visualization tools to meet their needs.

  1. Operations Finance & Control
    • Transform data into actionable insights
    • Develop and enhance revenue and cost models
    • Progress capital budgeting and project control tools and processes
    • Boost NPV/IRR analysis capabilities and decision support
  2. Financial Planning & Analysis
    • Improve budgeting, forecasting, long-range planning processes
    • Implement scenario analysis and modeling
    • Reduce month-end close timing
  3. Finance Organizational Design
    • Deploy TeamSight™ to help leaders and teams perform at a higher level
    • Create clarity of roles and responsibilities in service of the business and finance functions
    • Observe, document and recommend finance process and system improvements

Treasury Consulting Services

These services are designed to provide CFOs and Treasurers with greater access and visibility to reliable sources of liquidity, to better navigate the everchanging business environment, while minimizing the cost to fund the business.

  1. Treasury Strategy and Governance
    • Review and benchmark treasury strategy, policies, and procedures
    • Conduct gap analysis and develop plan to remediate
    • Develop financial policy that balances financial flexibilit and certainty
  2. Liquidity and Risk Management
    • Developing and implementing robust cash forecast
    • Develop liquidity risk framework and perform various stress scenarios based upon the key drivers of your business
    • Create financial risk reporting that includes factors such as: financial covenant tracking, required vs. contingent liquidity, counterparty risk dashboard
    • Assist in investing excess liquidity based on appropriate time horizon and risk tolerance
  3. Capital Structure Optimization
    • Review existing debt instruments to evaluate if key terms such as: pricing, financial covenants, and event of defaults, are at or above market. Assist in negotiating best possible terms with existing lenders
    • Assist in finding new sources of liquidity and optimizing the entire capital structure
    • Assist clients new to capital markets in setting up funding platforms and financial reporting
  4. Rating Agency Advisory
    • Support clients through entire process of applying for a corporate or debt rating
    • Prepare pitch deck highlighting the company’s financial strengths and how they compare to published ratings criteria
    • Support clients in all key rating agency meetings

Success Story

A private equity (PE) owned client in the automotive and industrial tool manufacturing industries was faced with unprecedented challenges from continuing raw material inflation, labor shortages, disrupted supply chains, higher levels of inventory and significantly higher transportation costs. This threatened our client’s ability to gain sustainable market share, generate higher levels of EBITDA and ultimately position the PE firm to exit the business at a higher valuation.

This situation was the catalyst for our industrial client to change their procurement, pricing and inventory management playbooks. We developed a set of easy-to-deploy, dynamic dashboards to monitor market conditions and optimize purchasing decisions across a portfolio of global suppliers. We then trained the procurement and related functions to use these tools on a continuous basis and we enhanced the company’s operating procedures for forecasting, responding to RFQs, carrying adequate levels of inventory and reducing lead times.

Our Team

Rob Wilson Senior Director - Hilco Performance Solutions
Jesse Glossinger Director - Hilco Performance Solutions
Chelsy Wray Director - Hilco Performance Solutions