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Hilco’s diverse capabilities can address needs ranging from valuing all assets, rationalizing underutilized real estate portfolios, monetizing industrial assets, and more. Read our perspectives for in-depth industry insights from our team of experts.

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How Amazon’s Liquidation Restrictions Led to a New Appraisal Approach

By Ian Fredericks, Dominick Keefe, Doug Jung, Steve Katz (Host)

While Amazon permits liquidations through its site and provides tools to assist in the sale of excess and underperforming inventory, this podcast discusses how its rules for such activity are much different and more restrictive than those imposed during traditional Going Out of Business (GOB) events.

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SP-GHA-Podgainy Hospitality

Management and Financial Consulting
What to Expect in the Hospitality Industry in 2023

By Mark D. Podgainy

Last year brought a dramatic recovery in the hospitality industry. What’s ahead for 2023? Definitely clouds, but the question is whether they will pass over or result in a storm.

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Management and Financial Consulting
Rolling With the Changes. Can the RV Industry Sustain Momentum Beyond the Pandemic?

By Kevin A. Krakora

In this article, we discuss sales growth in the RV industry during the pandemic with an eye toward understanding the potential for the market to sustain and/or build upon the that momentum moving ahead.

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Risk Management
Podcast: Managing Risk Effectively Starts with Selection of the Right Servicing Structure

By Samuel Suchowiecky & Host Steve Katz

Part two of our series on distressed businesses operating within Mexico focuses on the benefits of engaging the right partner early on to serve as both a master and substitute servicer.

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Podcast: The Unique Impacts of Two Historic Crises on the Class 8 Truck Market and Where We Go from Here

By Bryan Courcier, Mitch Hunter, Steve Katz (Host)

On this podcast, we discuss how the current period compares to the Great Recession of ‘08/’09 for the Class 8 Truck market, and explore the numerous macro factors presently in play that do not typically exist all at the same time.

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Perspective Preview

Real Estate
Hybrid Work is Here to Stay

By Rod Olivero

In this article we discuss how the perpetuation of pandemic-driven remote working is impacting demand for office space, increasing vacancy rates and weighing on investors, owners and lenders.

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Podcast: Distressed Companies with Assets in Mexico Should Partner with those who Can Provide Local Knowledge and Service Breadth

By Samuel Suchowiecky & Host Steve Katz

Part one of our series on distressed businesses operating within Mexico focuses on how receivers and stakeholders can benefit from the engagement of a partner that can deliver a wind down solution that goes beyond just liquidation efforts.

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SP-Podcast-Change Prevention

Management and Financial Consulting
Podcast: If You’re Trying to Achieve Change in the Workplace, the ‘Change Prevention Committee’ is Ready to Block Your Efforts

By Rob Gorin & Host Steve Katz

This podcast addresses the process of identifying those who are resistant to proposed change within an organization, and provides a methodology for effectively addressing concerns and gaining trust to successfully achieve the desired transformation outcomes.

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SP-Q4 Auto

2023 Will Be a Test

By Keith Spacapan

After struggling for 16 consecutive months to build inventory, retail inventory finally exceeded one million vehicles in September 2022 and has increased steadily each month since. What will happen next?

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