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Hilco’s diverse capabilities can address needs ranging from valuing all assets, rationalizing underutilized real estate portfolios, monetizing industrial assets, and more. Read our perspectives for in-depth industry insights from our team of experts.


The Zero-Emissions Mindset and the Flow of Capital in the Mobility Space

By the Hilco Mobility Team

This third article in our mobility series examine the flow of capital investment toward electric and mobility-focused innovations and how resources are being re-directed and refocused for the future.

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Risk Management
A Dual Master/Substitute Servicing Structure Helps Yield Optimal Outcomes Right From the Start

By Samuel Suchowiecky

This second article in a two-part series explores the importance of engaging a qualified and proven partner within the Mexico market to serve as both master and substitute servicer from the start, as a means of ensuring continuity and limiting downside risk over the life of an investment.

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Podcast: Rising Consumer Debt and Its Impact on Businesses and Creditors

By Adam Evans, Steve Katz (Host)

On this podcast we address some of the domestic and global factors driving inflation and higher consumer debt levels, take a look at how receivables portfolios may be affected, and review steps that businesses and lenders can take to monitor ongoing developments and minimize risk.

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Is This The Calm Before the Storm?

By Keith Spacapan

For the six companies in the Hilco Parts Index (HPI), net sales for the 12 months ended September 2022 increased 8.8% when compared to the 12 months ended September 2021.

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I. Fredericks SP Retail Pod

Podcast: Why Retailers Should Make Tough Decisions Now Rather Than Pushing Them Out

By Ian Fredericks, Steve Katz (host)

From shoring up liquidity to conducting SKU rationalization, enhancing technology and shifting the business mindset regarding “winning” at e-commerce, this podcast addresses steps retailers should strongly consider undertaking now given the market outlook for 2023.

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Corporate finance
Should You Really Sell Your Company?

By Sheon Karol

This article addresses the importance of positioning a company for sale by tailoring a strategy designed to convey its distinctive qualities, clearly articulate its value proposition and seek out buyers for whom the business has value beyond a mechanical EBITDA calculation.

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Podcast: As Profitability Challenges Persist in the Cannabis Market More Real Estate and M&E Buying Opportunities Emerge

By John Satter, Steve Katz (host)

This article discusses developments in the Cannabis industry, including how fierce competition and lower than anticipated levels of profitability in some markets are creating unexpected market entry and asset acquisition opportunities for 2023.

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Liquidity Risk Management
Podcast: Why Managing Liquidity Risk Proactively is Always a Good Idea

By Rob Wilson, Steve Katz (host)

On this podcast we discuss the importance of proactive liquidity risk management planning for small- to medium-sized companies and dive into details including due diligence, stress testing and proper structuring of an associated policy framework.

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Podcast: What Lenders Should Know With Demand For Horticulture/Nursery products on the Rise

By Gary Dressler, Steve Katz (host)

On this podcast we cover recent developments in the wholesale horticulture/nursery industry, the unique challenges that the “living and growing” nature of the inventory presents to those up and down the supply chain, and the structuring of distinct selling period advancement rates and other important considerations for lenders with portfolio exposure to the industry.

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