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Retail Supply Chain Podcast

Retail Inventories Low and Deals Hard to Find as Holiday Shopping Intensifies

By Dominick Keefe, Steve Katz (host)

Dominick Keefe, Vice President of Hilco Merchant Resources, discusses the current state of the supply chain and the challenges facing retailers, manufacturers and distributors this holiday shopping season and in the year ahead.

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Pulling the Right Levers

Pulling the Right Levers to Drive Sustainable Operational Improvement and Increased Sales

By Dan Ginsberg and Charvi Gupta

In this article we provide an overview of a recent engagement to illustrate how companies can address and overcome inhibiting supply chain and distribution challenges to drive value creation opportunities.

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Since When has Too Little Inventory Been a Problem

Since When has Too Little Inventory Been a Problem?

By Keith Spacapan

When has having too little inventory ever been a problem for the U.S. automotive industry?

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Supply Chain Disruptions and Labor Shortages Further Intensify Pressure for Retailers as Holidays Approach

By Dominick Keefe and Tim Anderson

In this article, we take a look at the current state of the supply chain and the challenges it is causing for retailers as the lingering effects of COVID-19 are amplified ahead of the 2021 holiday shopping season.

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Rising Steel Prices Were Inevitable. How Long Will They Last?

By Michael Sullivan, Steve Katz (host)

Michael Sullivan, Vice President of the Metals and Mining Valuation Group at Hilco Valuation Services, elaborates on the historic factors leading up to the current meteoric rise in domestic steel prices, how mills are evolving, and why we are not likely to see a dramatic falloff in pricing for the foreseeable future.

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Beauty Industry
The Complexion of Cosmetics and Skin Care Industry Continues to Evolve Through the Pandemic

By Gary Dressler and Kirstin DiCecca

In this article we take a look at two key beauty industry categories, cosmetics and skin care, and the various factors contributing to notable shifts that are changing the face of the market.

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SBA podcast

Podcast: SBA-Best Practices in Debtor Workouts and Note Sales

By Hollis Carter, Steve Katz (host)

Hollis Carter, a 23-year veteran with the SBA and a Hilco Strategic Alliance partner, discusses the advantages of debtor workouts versus foreclosures. He also covers the major impediments to debtor workouts, as well as situations where a note sale is likely the most appropriate collection strategy.

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Trucking shortage podcast

Podcast: Factors Impacting the 2021 Class 8 Truck Market

By Brian Courcier, Steve Katz (host)

Brian Courcier, Senior Vice President of Hilco’s Transportation and Construction Advisory, discusses how factors such as the current semiconductor chip manufacturing shortage and ongoing COVID-19 restrictions, have driven changes in auction practices and impacted the Class 8 truck market.

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Real Challenges, Real Solutions

Food & Beverage
Real Challenges, Real Solutions

By Mark Samson and Charvi Gupta

In this article we take a look at the many unique challenges facing the restaurant industry and specific action steps that operators can take now to help them not only survive, but thrive, in the coming year and beyond.

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