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Hilco’s diverse capabilities can address needs ranging from valuing all assets, rationalizing underutilized real estate portfolios, monetizing industrial assets, and more. Read our perspectives for in-depth industry insights from our team of experts.

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Analytics and Automation
Podcast: How Enhanced Analytics and Reporting Can Help Drive Effective Integration

By Dan Ginsberg, Rob Gorin, Steve Katz (host)

Dan Ginsberg and Rob Gorin discuss examples of how they assist companies to leverage untapped, internal data resources and deliver actionable insights that help address a variety of operational challenges.

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Limiting the Potential for Supplier Obsolescence in the Rapidly Evolving Automotive Industry

By Jesse Glossinger

The automotive industry is on a long march toward a future which, will no doubt, look and operate much differently than what we experience today.

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Analytics and Automation
Your Business Needs Actionable Data Now

By Robert Gorin and Ramy Aly

In this article we discuss how many companies, both large and small, are missing out on critical insights that can be used to drive operational decision making and result in greater profitability.

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The Automotive Aftermarket Remains Cautiously Optimistic

By Keith Spacapan

This time last year the automotive industry was only cautiously optimistic. The last stimulus payment was to be made March 15 and enhanced unemployment benefits were scheduled to cease in September, so there was concern that sales might decelerate in the second half of the year.

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Podcast: Off-Price Operators Are Rising to the Challenge

By Ray Armendariz, Katie Feodoroff, Steve Katz (host)

In this podcast, Ray Armendariz and Katie Feodoroff of Hilco Wholesale Solutions discuss the kinds of innovative strategies that are helping off-price operators remain competitive amid continued supply chain constraints.

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Food & Beverage
Podcast: How Restaurant Operators Can Manage Through A Multitude of Continued COVID-Driven Challenges

By Mark Samson, Charvi Gupta, Steve Katz (host)

In this podcast, Mark Samson and Charvi Gupta of Getzler Henrich discuss ways in which restaurant operators can approach issues ranging from the continued labor supply shortage to rising food cost and the need to restructure their leases.

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Real Estate
Tenants Gaining More Leverage in Mall Lease Negotiations

By Dan O’Brien, Steven Katz (host)

In this podcast, Hilco Real Estate’s Dan O’Brien shares his thoughts on why the dynamic between tenants and landlords in negotiating shopping center leases is shifting, and how tenants can capitalize on the opportunity.

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Article 9

Intellectual Property
Article 9 Sale Process for Intangible Assets: A Cost-Effective, Efficient Option for Disposition of Collateral

By Richelle Kalnit

As the cost of bankruptcy continues to increase, in particular due to fees and expenses associated with administering bankruptcy cases, secured lenders are increasingly turning to foreclosures under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) as a preferred vehicle for disposing of their collateral.

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Hilco Supply Chain Podcast

Podcast: Addressing Complex Supply Chain and Distribution Challenges

By Dan Ginsberg, Fred Langer, Steve Katz (host)

In this podcast, Dan Ginsberg of Hilco Performance Solutions and Fred Langer of Getzler Henrich discuss how companies can address and overcome inhibiting supply chain and distribution challenges to drive value creation opportunities.

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