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Many Industry Fundamentals Remain Solid

By Keith Spacapan

For the six publicly traded aftermarket parts companies comprising the Hilco Parts Index, net sales for the 12 months ended June 2022 increased by 8.9% as compared with the same period the year prior.

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Inventory Shortages, the Hero, or the Goat?

By Keith Spacapan

The U.S. automotive industry sold 1.2 million new cars and light-duty trucks in the month of June, a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 13.0 million vehicles. The June SAAR was marginally better than the prior month but significantly lower than the SAAR of 15.4 million vehicles recorded one year prior. June marks the 12th consecutive month in which the industry’s SAAR fell short of the prior year’s results.

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Framing Lumber Prices Decline, Inventories Rise in Rapid 2022 Inflationary Environment

By Jesse Marzouk

This article focuses on the impact that various factors including supply chain easing, record inflation and the Fed’s actions to curb that trend, are having on forestry markets. It also examines how the industry is reacting.

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Real Estate
Podcast: The Evolving Department Store Dilemma

By Dan O’Brien, Steve Katz (host)

This podcast features a discussion with Dan O’Brien of Hilco Real Estate about the continuing dilemma facing department store tenants amid sustained foot traffic declines and a definitive and concerning shift in consumer shopping trends away from the mall environment.

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Jewelry Industry
Podcast: Jewelry Market Complexities Remain Multifaceted

By Stephen D’Aquila Host: Steve Katz

This podcast features a discussion with Stephen D’Aquila of Hilco Valuation Services about the factors influencing performance across the jewelry industry and related thoughts on recommended lender monitoring actions during this period.

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The Energy Market’s Rollercoaster Ride Continues

By Marc O’Neill

In this article we take a look at developments in the energy market with an eye on rising energy prices, the factors responsible, and the cascading impacts being felt by an already slowed supply chain amid the daunting prospect of a prolonged war in Ukraine.

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Emerging Trends in the Mobility Market

By The Hilco Global Mobility Team

In this article, experts from our Global Mobility Team topline some of the many challenges and opportunities currently being presented to a wide range of market participants across the rapidly expanding and evolving mobility landscape.

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Podcast: Tire Market Rolling With the Changes

By Greg Baldor, Steve Katz (host)

This podcast features a discussion with Greg Baldor of Hilco Valuation Services about the changing tire industry including the impact of reduced production output, increased raw material pricing, shipping delays and higher import costs.

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Rising Inflation the Industry’s Primary Headwind

By Keith Spacapan

For the six public companies comprising in the Hilco Parts Index, net sales for the first quarter of 2022 increased 12.5% as compared with performance in the first quarter the year prior.

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