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Hilco’s diverse capabilities can address needs ranging from valuing all assets, rationalizing underutilized real estate portfolios, monetizing industrial assets, and more. Read our perspectives for in-depth industry insights from our team of experts.


Rising Costs on Dual Fronts Create Troublesome Outlook for Ecommerce Retailers

By Matt Perry and Karen Bubrowski

This article examines how increased scrutiny around the collection and use of personal data for marketing purposes and exacerbated supply chain interruptions are adding complexity and cost for ecommerce retailers (e-tailers) as the year draws toward a close.

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Corporate finance
ALL Bets May Finally Be Off for Corporate Restructurings in 2023

By Geoffrey Frankel

This article explores whether recent signs of financial distress in the US portend a surge in restructuring and special situations activity in the next several months and, if so, which industries seem to be most at risk.

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Fall 2022 Wholesale Horticulture/Nursery Industry Update

By Gary Dressler

This article explores the unique nature of, and developments within, the wholesale horticulture/nursery industry. We focus in particular here on larger growers and provide key monitoring considerations for ABLs with current exposure.

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How Technology Can Help Drive Best Practices and Successful Selling Strategies in the Retail Environment

By Ben Chamberlain

This article examines how the retail industry can embrace new technologies, deploy innovative business intelligence tools, and train employees to drive successful outcomes during this transitional period in retail’s evolution.

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Real Estate
The Case for Appointing a Commercial Real Estate Receiver in the Current Recessionary Environment

By Mitch Vanneman

This article explores how current economic conditions are likely to drive commercial real estate loan delinquency and default rates higher in the coming months, and why now may be the optimal time for lenders with concerns about underperforming loans or uncooperative borrowers to consider exploring receivership.

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Multiple Industries
How In-Depth Diligence & Valuations Expertise Can Help Address Working Capital Issues

By Ben Roden

This article discusses how critical discovery efforts, undertaken by experienced professionals, can provide insights and assurances that lenders and borrowers need to address working capital issues in today’s volatile market.

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Aggregator Growing Pains Warrant Specialty Advisory Expertise

By Raymundo Armendariz

This article explores the popularity of third-party selling on Amazon and the operational challenges being faced by businesses that are on a mission to acquire and drive profitable returns from many of today’s most successful e-commerce sellers.

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Many Industry Fundamentals Remain Solid

By Keith Spacapan

For the six publicly traded aftermarket parts companies comprising the Hilco Parts Index, net sales for the 12 months ended June 2022 increased by 8.9% as compared with the same period the year prior.

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Inventory Shortages, the Hero, or the Goat?

By Keith Spacapan

The U.S. automotive industry sold 1.2 million new cars and light-duty trucks in the month of June, a seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 13.0 million vehicles. The June SAAR was marginally better than the prior month but significantly lower than the SAAR of 15.4 million vehicles recorded one year prior. June marks the 12th consecutive month in which the industry’s SAAR fell short of the prior year’s results.

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