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Hilco Performance Solutions advises clients toward sustainable revenue growth and cost reduction. By combining advisory experts with reputable industry veterans, Hilco provides the right talent to get the job done. Read our case studies to learn how our team worked with our clients to develop solutions tailored to their business objectives.


How Hilco Performance Solutions Helped Convert The Purchase of a Faltering Truck Leasing Operating Company Into Financial Success

In May of 2020 Hilco Valuation Services and Hilco Receivables purchased the assets of 19th Capital Group, a distressed provider of asset financing and fleet management solutions for operators of Class 8 fleets across the North American trucking industry. The purchased assets included a fully equipped industrial shop space, ~1,700 idle trucks and ~2,050 trucks on active lease. Hilco was able to retain ~50 employees as part of the purchase and establishment of the new fleet management operating company, H19 Capital.

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Analytics and Automation
How Hilco Performance Solutions’ Financial Modeling and Pre-Deal Diligence Helped Drive a Successful Transaction for a Truck Leasing and Sales Business

In 2019, an over-supply of Class 8 trucks flooded the market resulting in a significant downturn in the freight industry. 19th Capital’s active lease percentage dropped drastically, and profitability plummeted. The issue was magnified by the fact that the company had been bought and sold many times in recent years. Its legacy owners included Celedon and Quality Companies. These rapid management changes left 19th Capital without strategic direction and efficient processes.

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Understanding True Profitability
Sprinting Ahead of Inflation and Competition
Enhanced Analytics and Reporting  Help Drive Effective Integration

How Hilco is Systematically Assembling a High-Performance Asset Leasing Portfolio One Strategic, Distressed Acquisition at a Time

Based on Hilco’s successful acquisition of substantially all of the assets of the transportation and truck leasing company, 19th Capital, in early 2020 and our ongoing, active involvement in valuation and other work across the trucking industry, we were familiar with evolving developments at Sutton Leasing over the past year.

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