Hilco Performance Solutions helps companies simplify and streamline business processes, and improve operational efficiency to stay competitive and gain market share in an increasingly interconnected economy.

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Hilco Performance Solutions (HPS) consists of cross-functional manufacturing experts in the areas of Operations, Supply Chain, People, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Commercial, advising clients toward sustainable revenue growth and cost reduction. By combining advisory experts with reputable industry veterans, Hilco provides the right talent to get the job done. While many management consulting companies focus on strategy and sharing leading theory, Hilco Performance Solutions focuses on action, working in the trenches with our clients and translating strategy into results.

Do you find yourself asking these questions?

  • Am I providing my customers with the right experience?
  • Do I understand their needs?
  • Is my supply chain adding value to our operations and our customers?
  • What data and information should we be using for my business?
  • Is my organization working on the right initiatives?

Our team can help you answer these questions and put you on a path to long term success

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